In 2012, the Center for the History of the New America (now the Center for Global Migration Studies) established the Archive of Immigrant Voices to collect stories of the experience of migration. The purpose of the archive is to create, accumulate, and preserve a repository of memories that will not only reveal living history and features of the recent past, but will also document the fine lines of social change that might be otherwise ignored or lost to history. These stories will provide the basis for understanding how newcomers adapt to challenges and successes. The Archive unites the Center's mission to advance scholarship and teaching while enhancing the Center's connection to migrant communities by capturing, recording, and preserving the experience of migration, dislocation, and community formation as immigrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and other newcomers themselves understood it. In addition to housing these oral interviews, the Archive also contains further information on the history of immigration, educator resources, and tools for conducting oral histories.

Interviews represent a way to capture and preserve the stories of recent immigrants to the United States as a source for scholars, a classroom tool for teachers, and a resource enabling immigrants themselves to share their experiences and memories.

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Recently Added Items

Interview of "Monica Geller"

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This interview between Austin Kleber and "Monica Geller" (pseudonym) explores Monica's experience as an immigrant in the United States. She speaks…

Interview of Nico Alvarez

N. Alvarez Photo.jpg

This interview between Nico Alvarez and Dercem (Derc) Kaya explores Nico's experiences migrating as a child from Spain the United States. Nico…

Interview of Keith Yearwood

Z. Wathen - photo - Keith Yearwood & Z. Wathen.JPG

This interview between Dr. Keith Yearwood and Zachary Wathen explores Keith's experiences migrating from Guyana to England, Antigua, and ultimately…

Interview of Lambert Aryee

S.Luna & L.Aryee Photo.jpg

This interview between Lambert Aryee and Sebastian Luna explores Lambert's experiences migrating from Ghana to the United States as a child. Lambert…

Interview of Blanca Henriquez

B. Henriquez-Photo.jpg

This interview between Blanca Henriquez and Ivonne Gonzalez explores Blanca's experiences growing up during the Salvadoran Civil War and how she came…